Hotplate Stirrer

Product Series: 

This hotplate stirrer is widely used for heating and stirring in the school, laboratory, industrial and mining, food processing, biochemistry, agriculture for the liquid



-Stretched shell and cover prevent leaking.

-Heating and stirring can be used simultaneously, uniform temperature, heating fast and safety.

-Heating power and stirring speed step less adjustable, Max. temperature up to 380 degrees, Max. speed up to 2000 rpm.

-Die-casting and starching shell & cover, fabrication processed exterior to prevent

-Enclosing heating plate with characteristic of flame protection, fast warm up and durability

-With adjustable thermometer rack, stainless steel rods and the stir bar

-CE Marked

-Two-years warranty




Technical Specification: 



Maximum heating plate temperature 380 °C
Stirring speed 100-2000 rpm adjustable 
Heating plate dimensions square 120mm x 120mm 
Stirring capacity up to 2000ml liquid volume
Heating power 180 watts
Height with support stand 390mm
Electricity voltage requirements 220/240 volt, 50/60 Hz
Overall dimensions (LxWxH) 200mm x 120mm x 90mm
Weight 1,9 kg
Ordering information: 




TM12 hotplate stirrer supplied with support stand, adjustable thermometer/probe holder, and PTFE-coated 1 inch magnetic stir bar

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