Heating Mantle With Stirrer

Product Series: 

The device is widely used for heating in the school laboratory, industrial and mining , food processing, biochemistry, agriculture, petrochemicals engineering and pharmaceuticals industry for the liquid.




-Cold rolling sheet stretching and spraying exterior.

-Electronic temperature regulation model, uniform temperature, heating fast and safety.

-Heating and stirring can be used simultaneously, stepless speed adjustable.

-Electronic temperature regulation heating mode and magnetic stirring

-With characteristics of large heating area

-Fast warm-up

-High temperature evenness

-Accurate temp-control

-Time and cost saving.

-The glass fiber coated heating element with heat resistant and flexible characteristics can provide heating up to a maximum temperature of 900 ° C.

-It stirs up to 1,400 rpm with the aid of an integrated magnetic stirrer.

-The outer casing is made of easy to clean enamel painted steel.

-It is equipped with rubber feet that prevent slipping during operation.

-CE marked.

-2 years warranty





Technical Specification: 


Model Flask capacity Exterior Size(mm) Packaging Size(mm) Voltage(V) Max. Use Temp Power(W) Speed(r.p.m)
HMS50 50ml 200×200×160 230×230×170 220V, 50Hz 450⁰C 80 0-1400
HMS100 100ml 200×200×160 230×230×170 220V, 50Hz 450⁰C 100 0-1400
HMS250 250ml 200×200×160 230×230×170 220V, 50Hz 450⁰C 150 0-1400
HMS500 500ml 200×200×160 230×230×170 220V, 50Hz 450⁰C 250 0-1400
HMS1000 1000ml 260×260×200 290×290×220 220V, 50Hz 450⁰C 350 0-1400
HMS2000 2000ml 300×300×230 330×330×250 220V, 50Hz 450⁰C 450 0-1400
HMS4000 4000ml 310×310×250 330×330×270 220V, 50Hz 450⁰C 700 0-1400
HMS6000 6000ml 350×350×270 380×380×290 220V, 50Hz 450⁰C 900 0-1400
HMS10000 10000ml 420×420×320 450×450×340 220V, 50Hz 450⁰C 1200 0-1400



Ordering information: 



001-003-001 HMS50 Heating mantle with stirrer 50ml capacity 
001-003-002 HMS100 Heating mantle with stirrer 100ml capacity 
001-003-003 HMS250 Heating mantle with stirrer 250ml capacity 
001-003-004 HMS500 Heating mantle with stirrer 500ml capacity 
001-003-005 HMS1000 Heating mantle with stirrer 1000ml capacity 
001-003-006 HMS2000 Heating mantle with stirrer 2000ml capacity 
001-003-007 HMS4000 Heating mantle with stirrer 4000ml capacity 
001-003-008 HMS6000 Heating mantle with stirrer 6000ml capacity 
001-003-009 HMS10000 Heating mantle with stirrer 10000ml capacity 
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