Ceramic Muffle Furnace

Product Series: 

This device is widely used in the school laboratory, industrial and mining enterprise, food processing and pharmaceuticals industry for elements analysis. It is used on heating for small steel annealing and tempering and high temperature, heating for metal and ceramics’ firing, dissolution and analysis.


- All stainless steel glory hole to make sure its color will not change.

-Imported double insulation ceramic liner with stable performance.

- Vacuum forming polycrystalline mullite fibre furnace hearth has characteristics of efficient insulation and three side heating of special alloy heating wire to provide optimum temperature uniformity.

-The perfect combination of high precision micro-computer controller and accurate sensor has advantage of precise temperature.

- Double -shell hollow thermal insulation and double ventilation duct with advantages of excellent ventilation, not hot shell and quick internal cooling.

-The furnace with multiple safety protection measures, such as thermocouple failure, door opening electrical outage, over temperature protection, audio-visual alarm, etc.

- Imported high precision controller and sensor, with sensitive response, high precision of temperature control, and good heating resistance.

- The increased exhaust device is good for ashing.

- Split design, circuit detachable, easy to repair.

- P type is program temperature control. The additional program temperature controller and multi-stage programmable control could simplify experiment process and realize automatic control and operation.

Technical Specification: 


 Model  CMF2  CMF7  CMF12  CMF16
 Voltage 220V 220/380V
 Power(kw) 1.5 3 4.5 6
 Inner chamber size(mm)  200*120*80  300*200*120  300*200*200  400*250*160
 Exterior Size(mm)  450*685*600  530*785*640  530*785*720  580*885*680
 Tem. Rising Time(empty/min) 20
 Tem. Precise ±1
 Max. Temperature 1200⁰C
Ordering information: 


 001057001  CMF2 Ceramic muffle furnace with 2 liter capacity
 001057002  CMF7 Ceramic muffle furnace with 7 liter capacity
 001057003  CMF12 Ceramic muffle furnace with 12 liter capacity
 001057004  CMF16 Ceramic muffle furnace with 16 liter capacity
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